18 Most Active WordPress Submenu Plugins

  • Gecka Submenu

    Submenu autopopulates any nav menu page item with its children and allows to put menus, or portion of menus, anywhere in your site.

  • JC Submenu

    JC Submenu plugin allows you to automatically populate your navigation menus with custom post_types, taxonomies, or child pages.

  • Dynamic Supages

    Displays subpages for the current page. Set the depth and starting level (in hierarchy) and you are good to go.

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  • WordPress Menu Vertical

    Folder Menu Vertical is a flash dynamic menu module for your WordPress 3.0+ website, designed to meet your needs and preferences.

  • WordPress wp nav menu Filter

    Adds the ability to pass an argument (pageID or page name) to show a filtered submenu with wp_nav_menu().

  • Codepress Menu

    Allows you to display a sub-menu, it's depth from there on and gives you control over the menu-item classes.

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  • SLMenuWidget

    This plug-in installs a sidebar widget to display a submenu for current page.

  • LJ Subpages Widget

    LJ Subpages Widget allows you to display a menu listing subpages from a chosen page.

  • Navception

    Embed WordPress Menus inside of other WordPress Menus!

  • My Bootstrap Menu

    Boostraps a menu using flexible and easy to use settings. Fully customizable for advanced users.

  • RVSubMenu

    This plugin used to get de sub menu refers the current item menu, and show this with a menu, for exemple a sub menu left.

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  • Auto Subpage Menu

    Automatically add child page (subpage) into menus, update menus hierarchy when update it, remove it from menus when it's moved to trash and also


    WordPress - Sidebar Accordion Menu Widget

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  • Cms Pack

    Add subtemplates to wordpress. Submenu widget. Imageresize. Custom fields on page admin. Add Content

  • Quick Toolbar

    Gives you the ability to add custom links to the admin toolbar in addition to your frequently used admin and plugin links.

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