17 Most Active WordPress Summary Plugins

  • Visitors Traffic Real Time Statistics

    Best statistics plugin for WordPress to display your site statistics & traffic. easy to install and working fine.

  • YITH WooCommerce Quick View

    This plugin adds the possibility to have a quick preview of the products right from product list

  • BuddyPress Group Email Subscription

    Allows group members to receive email notifications for group activity and forum posts instantly or as daily digest or weekly summary.

  • WP-Parsi Statistics

    This plugin provide you full statistic of your site. You can show statistics with widget or many usefull function in your theme.

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  • Feed Facebook, Leave Facebook

    Generates a separate partial feed for Facebook. Use it to direct Facebook visitors to your blog while leaving your main full-text feed intact.

  • Blog Summary

    Blog Summary produces a semantic, hAtom-enabled list of the latest blog post excerpts with the shortcode `[blog-summary]`.

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  • Chapters

    Easy-to-use, ajax-powered plugin to edit summaries/lists of a group of posts and/or pages that you collect together in a 'book'.

  • wp_summary

    wp_summary will automagically show a summary of your post at its beginning, using h1, h2 and h3 tags to create sections.

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  • Summy: Excerpt Extraction

    Summy generates excerpts for your posts by applying various algorithms for automatic summarization extraction.

  • Twitter Card Generator

    Generate Twitter Cards for tweets linking posts

  • WP-WikiBox

    Get Wikipedia article summary for a keyword in any language, inline with your posts and pages, with a simple shortcode and/or function.

  • WP Snapshot

    Easily display a summary of post text or custom text.

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  • PostSummary

    Postsummary creates a widget that contains a list of posts with title and the beginning of the text. You can style and add a thumbnail.

  • BP Summary Page

    Adds a Summary page to Buddypress profile and Nav menu.

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  • Post summarizer

    This plugin create an automatic excerpt of a post when it is saved or published. The excerpt created is a coherent piece of text containing the most i

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  • HTML5 Details Polyfill

    Adds fallback support for the HTML5 <details> and <summary> elements in browsers that don't support them.

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  • WP User Summary

    This plugin will help every member/user of your site to see their summary.

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Let us know below if we missed any of your favorite summary plugins.

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