14 Most Active WordPress Syntax Highlight Plugins

  • WP Editarea

    Turn your Oldschool textarea code editor in Wordpress Dashboard (plugin/theme editor) into a fancy realtime highlighted code editor using Editarea.

  • HTML Post Editor

    Adds HTML tab to the post editor which shows the raw source of the page and is highlighted with the Ace Editor

  • WP-SynHighlight

    Plugin provides syntax highlighting for about 116 programming languages via Geshi.

  • Syntax Highlight

    Syntax Highlighting in WordPress Plugins and Themes Editor.

  • Syntax Highlighter and Code Colorizer for Wordpress

    This is a wordpress syntax highlighting plugin. It is simple and probably one of the best syntax highlighters in the market. URL: http://www.lastengi

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  • Developer Formatter

    Developer Formatter system to WordPress. Powered by GeSHi server-side highlight system.

  • Post Editor Zen Coding

    This plugin add a syntax highlighted editor to WordPress Post new/edit screen with Emmet (zen coding) engine.

  • Simple Gist Embed

    This plugin lets you embed Github's Gists in your posts or pages, but the main deference is that this plugin also enables you to create Gists wit

  • WPygments

    Server side syntax highlighter based on Pygments highlighter software.

  • scGeSHi

    Simple code highlighting plugin for your remote source files

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  • SyntaxHL Editor

    Seemless integration of "Syntax Highlighter and Code Colorizer for Wordpress" into TinyMCE

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  • JUSH JavaScript Syntax Highlighter

    The JUSH JavaScript Syntax Highlighter reads the HTML, PHP, SQL or any other source code in <pre class="jush"> elements and styles it

  • WP-SimpleSyntaxHighlighter

    This plugin simply allows you to add and manage Alex Gorbatchev's JavaScript SyntaxHighlighter to your blog.

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  • Vim Color Improved

    Vim Color Improved is a syntax highlighting plugin that uses vim.

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Leave a comment below if we missed any of your favorite syntax highlight plugins.

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