19 Most Active WordPress Techgasp Plugins

  • Vimeo Master

    Vimeo Master for let's you integrate the superb Vimeo Video quality into any Wordpress widget position. Only for professional websites.

  • Spotify Master

    Spotify Master allows you to display in your wordpress website musics, playlists and albums of the cool and "booming" music network Spotify.

  • Facebook Comments Master

    Facebook Comments Master is the professional integration of facebook comments into heavy duty wordpress websites.

  • Google Ads Master

    Google Ads Master for wordpress is the professional plugin you need to generate income with your website.

  • Google Analytics Master

    Google Analytics Master is the professional plugin to add Google Analytics tracking to your wordpress.

  • Pinterest Master

    Pinterest Master adds the follow me on pinterest, pin it button, show pinterest profile and show pinterest board to your wordpress website.

  • Youtube Master

    Youtube Master displays Youtube Playlists or Single Videos with optional Youtube Subscribe Channel button and Google Hangouts in any template widget p

  • LinkedIn Master

    LinkedIn Master, if you are serious about your linkedin connections and want to integrate your personal or company linkedin page into your wordpress.

  • Instagram Master

    Instagram Master let's your show your latest Instagram photos and View on Instagram Button inside any widget position.

  • Skype Master

    Skype Master is the Skype supreme plugin for any Wordpress powered website.

  • Weather Master

    Weather Master is the heavy duty, professional wordpress weather plugin. Just like on TV.

  • Facebook Master

    Facebook Master let's you have full control over all good facebook social plugins in one go, only for professional wordpress websites.

  • Facebook Profile Master

    Facebook Profile Master gives you full control over all Facebook User Profile plugins, Facebook User Badges and Facebook Follow Button.

  • Tweet Master

    With Tweet Master plugin you can display your latest tweets, favourite twitter lists and tweet button.

  • Google Maps Master

    Google Maps Master is the professional wordpress plugin to display locations with Google Maps V3.

  • TR Easy Google Analytics

    Easily Add Google Analytics for your websites and tracking all pages your sites perfectly.

  • Groupon Master

    Easy to use bombastic plugin that will be a great source of income for any wordpress webmaster. Groupon Master.

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