20 Most Active WordPress To Do Plugins

  • Cleverness To-Do List

    Integrates a customizable, multi-featured to-do list.

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  • CollabPress

    Project management and task tracking software for WordPress

  • Frontend Checklist

    EN: Create HTML or PDF checklists for your visitors, which can be saved. DE: Erstelle speicherbare HTML oder PDF Checklisten für deine Besucher.

  • Ideas

    A super simple way to keep track of ideas in your WordPress admin.

  • To Do List

    Finally, a simple way to keep track of important tasks and activities! Every registered user can maintain an individual to-do list using the built-in

  • Bucket List

    Set your goals, change your life, realize your dreams and share the inspiration of your achievements!

  • To-Dos

    Add simple To-Dos to your Wordpress Dashboard. Help yourself remember what you're working on and what you should do next. When a task is done you mark

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  • CWX Project

    CWX Project is an easy to use Project Management and ToDo-List application for Wordpress Blogs, encouraging collaborative work.

  • Collaborate Notes

    Lightweight notes and tasks management. Share important notes and tasks with your webmaster, clients and users.

  • Fancy List

    A plugin for creating lists in the sidebar about whatever you are thinking.

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  • To-Do Dashboard Widget

    An intuitive and easy-to-use to-do list for your WordPress dashboard.

  • Post ToDo

    Create multiple todo lists, one for each post or page if you want.

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  • WTG Tasks Manager Beta

    Task management with a plan - this plugin will grow to meet the needs of online business managed within WordPress.

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Let us know below if we missed any of your favorite to do plugins.

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