19 Most Active WordPress Ui Plugins

  • Adminimize

    Adminimize that lets you hide 'unnecessary' items from the WordPress backend

  • Dynamic "To Top" Plugin

    Adds an automatic and dynamic "To Top" button to easily scroll long pages back to the top.

  • Font Awesome Icons

    Enables easy use of the Font Awesome icon font set from within WordPress. Icons can be inserted using HTML, shortcode, or TinyMCE plugin.

  • WP SVG Icons

    Quickly and effortlessly enable 490+ beautifully designed SVG font icons, available on the frontend and backend of your site.

  • Font Awesome More Icons

    Easily use the Font Awesome icons in WordPress but with MORE icons and MORE features using HTML, shortcodes, or TinyMCE plugin.

  • WordPress Shortcodes

    An amazing set of great shortcodes: SEO-ready tabs, sections, buttons, links to any content, author cards, lists, layouts, conditionals and more!

  • jQuery UI Widgets

    Simple, flexible, and powerful way to add jQuery UI widgets to your site posts, pages, or widgets. Works right out of the box!

  • Category Checklist Tree

    Preserves the category hierarchy on the post editing screen

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  • Dropdown Menus

    Display your WordPress menus as a dropdown select box. Great for mobile designs.

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  • FEEDZY RSS Feeds

    FEEDZY RSS Feeds is a small & lightweight plugin. Fast and easy to use, it aggregates RSS feeds into your site with shortcodes & widgets.

  • AGP Font Awesome Collection

    The latest Font Awesome icons with HTML and shortcodes usage, dynamic visualizer for TinyMCE, promotion widget and other features in the one plugin

  • Radio Buttons for Taxonomies

    Use radio buttons for any taxonomy so users can only select 1 term at a time

  • ToTop Link

    A simple plugin for WordPress that adds an unobtrusive "back to top" link to your site or blog.

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  • Genericon'd

    Enables easy use of the Genericons icon font set from within WordPress. Icons can be inserted using either HTML or a shortcode.

  • Page Transition

    Page Transition is a simple and easy wordpress plugin used to add page transition using CSS3 animations. Show your page with modern animations.

  • Wordpress Plugin Framework Reloaded

    Allows other plugins to use Wordpress Plugin Framework Reloaded. Made for plugin developers.

  • Admin Bar Toggle

    Hides the admin bar on the front-end by default, and adds a toggle to activate it.

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  • Single Value Taxonomy UI

    This infrastructure plugin adds basic UI for single-valued taxonomies, i.e. a taxonomy with presents a select widget.

  • Icon List

    Use an icon list for different purposes on your WordPress site using the Icon List plugin.

Let us know below if we missed any of your favorite ui plugins.

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