20 Most Active WordPress Updates Plugins

  • InfiniteWP Client

    Install this plugin on unlimited sites and manage them all from a central dashboard. This plugin communicates with your InfiniteWP Admin Panel.

  • MainWP Child

    Allows you to manage multiple blogs from one dashboard by providing a secure connection between your child site and your MainWP dashboard.

  • Advanced Automatic Updates

    Adds extra options to WordPress' built-in Automatic Updates feature.

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  • Disable All WordPress Updates

    Disables the theme, plugin and core update checking, the related cronjobs and notification system.

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  • Update Control

    This adds some options to your Settings > General page that let you tweak auto-updates.

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  • Disable WordPress Plugin Updates

    Disables the plugin update checking and notification system.

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  • Disable Updates

    Disables the WordPress update checking and notification system.

  • Disable WordPress Theme Updates

    Disables the theme update checking and notification system.

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  • MainWP Dashboard

    Manage all of your WP sites, even those on different servers, from one central dashboard that runs off of your own self-hosted WordPress install.

  • No Update Nag

    Removes the WordPress update nag that appears at the top of all admin pages when a new version of WordPress is released

  • Automatic Plugin Updates

    Enables automatic background updates of plugins. Supports excluding selected plugins from being automatically updated.

  • Background Update Tester

    Most sites are able to apply updates in the background. Background Update Tester checks your site for compatibility and explains any problems.

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  • WP Updates Settings

    Configure WordPress updates settings through UI (User Interface).

  • Update Notifications Manager

    Disable notifications for updates to plugins, themes, and version of WordPress

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  • Mail On Update

    Sends an e-Mail to one or multiple administrators if new updates of plugins are available.

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  • WP Email-to-Facebook

    Posts your blog posts to one or multiple Facebook pages from your Wordpress blog.

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  • WP Automatic Updates

    Configure WordPress updates settings through UI (User Interface).

  • Vevida Optimizer

    Easily configure automatic updates from the admin interface and modernize your mySQL database.

  • Force Plugin Updates

    You may need to reinstall any of your plugins, juste check the plugins' box, select "Update", and that's all!

  • Blog Stats

    Adds shortcodes for important blog stats like pagerank, alexa, technorati, RSS subscriber count, google backlinks and more.

Let us know if there are any of your favorite updates plugins missing from our list.

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