11 Most Active WordPress Utilities Plugins

  • WP Redirects

    Create Redirects! This plugin adds a new Post Type.

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  • YARPP Experiments

    Some extras for tuning and diagnosing YARPP.

  • WP Snippets

    Create Snippets! This plugin adds a new Post Type. Snippets can be included in Posts/Pages/Widgets via shortcodes.

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  • Export Plus

    A greatly improved export tool for your WordPress site.

  • WP Products

    Create Products! This plugin adds a new Post Type.

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  • Include

    Include one Page or Post into another.

  • QuickLogin

    Adds a keyboard shortcut to your blog for easily logging in.

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  • Search My Theme

    Search Your Theme

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  • Linchpin - PrevNextPage

    Create sibling page links. Similar to next_post_link() & previous_post_link() but for pages. Great for utilizing Wordpress for Presentations or it

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  • Matty Theme QuickSwitch

    Quickly switch between themes via a menu in the WordPress Toolbar.

  • Maintenance Mode by IP Address

    It allows the user to set his/her blog to maintenance mode by IP address.

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