10 Most Active WordPress Validate Plugins

  • PIKLIST | Rapid development framework

    Piklist is the most powerful framework available for WordPress. Easy for beginners... built for developers. Piklist helps you build things - fast.

  • Filled In

    Generic form processor allowing forms to be painlessly processed and aggregated, with numerous options to validate data and perform custom commands

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  • Tidy Up

    This plugin provides the ability to run HTML Tidy through all your posts, pages, and comments, generating a report on just how dirty your code is.

  • PowerComment

    Validates the comments of your blog using jQuery, avoiding blank fields or invalid fields.

  • Validate Gravatar

    Check if the Email's Gravatar is exist. ???????Gravatar????

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  • NS Comment Validator

    Client side validation of your WordPress Comment form

  • Qbloc by Qwanz

    Create verified polls and petitions that enable users to send results to US Elected Officials, Govermt. Agencies, Corporations and 20,000 Journalists

  • Validar DNI, NIF, NIE y CIF

    Valida campos de DNI, NIF, NIE y CIF utilizando el plugin Contact Form 7 || Validate DNI, NIF, NIE and CIF fields using Contact Form 7 plugin

  • Empty Posts/Pages

    Empty posts/pages still get wrapped in tags, which makes them invalid. This plugin fixes that. PHP5 Required.

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  • LH Native Comments

    Make native WordPress comments better by using modern standards

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