17 Most Active WordPress Variable Plugins

  • WooCommerce - excelling eCommerce

    WooCommerce is a powerful, extendable eCommerce plugin that helps you sell anything. Beautifully.

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  • WooCommerce Checkout Manager

    Manages WooCommerce Checkout

  • Persian Woocommerce

    This plugin extends the WooCommerce shop plugin with complete Persian(Farsi) language packs

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  • Pricing Deals for WooCommerce

    Dynamic Pricing, Wholesale Pricing, BOGO Deals and more - Pricing Deals can do any kind of deal you can think of!

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  • Postcode Shipping Rates- WooCommerce

    Postcode Shipping is a clean, powerful shipping rates plugin that helps you define multiple rates based on Quantity/Order on countrys/states/postcodes

  • WPPizza

    A Restaurant Plugin (not only for Pizza). Maintain your Menu (sizes, prices, categories). Accept COD orders. Multisite, Multilingual, WPML compatible.

  • Woocommerce Role Based Price

    Sell product in different price for different user role based on your settings.

  • Woocommerce Quick Buy

    Add Quick buy button to redirect user to checkout / cart immediately when he click quick buy button

  • Woocommerce Bulk Attribute Manager

    Manage bulk woocommerce product variations and attribute options

  • WooCommerce Quick Donation

    Turns WooCommerce Into Online Donation.

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  • Wholesale Pricing for WooCommerce

    Create Wholesale, Category or General Sale pricing, using Wholesale Pricing for WooCommerce

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  • WooCommerce Extra Charges To Payment Gateway (Standard)

    You can add extra fee for any payment gateways

  • WooCommerce Attributes Menu Manager

    Show Woocommerce Custom Attributes in Wordpress Menu Page

  • Woo Display Additional Currency

    This plugin will add currency to catalog and product display page. The currency symbol and exchange rates can be set from admin.

  • Custom account fields

    Dopl?uje nové a nastavuje existující poloÅūky zákaznického ú?tu pro woocommerce. Adds new and sets existing customer ... for woocommerce.

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  • Bootstrap one page woocommerce checkout

    Bootstrap one page woocommerce checkout, that show chekout and card in one page.

  • Shortcode Variables

    Create your own shortcodes and assign text, html, etc to them. Use these across your site and only change in one place.

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