17 Most Active WordPress Verify Plugins

  • Verify Google Webmaster Tools

    Adds Google Webmaster Tools verification meta tag and gets account verified.

  • Pinterest Verify

    Verify your website with Pinterest and show pinners you're a trustworthy source!

  • Pinterest Verify Meta Tag

    Add Pinterest meta tag verification code to the HEAD section of your site.

  • Age Verify

    A simple way to ask visitors for their age before viewing your content.

  • Verify Ownership

    An easy way to add Google, Yahoo, Bing, Alexa and Pinterest meta tag verification codes to your site and gets ownership verified.

  • Google Analytics & Webmaster Tools

    Easily Configure Google Analytics & Webmaster Tools for your wordpress websites & blogs.

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  • PC Search Engine Verify

    PC Search Engine Verify enables you to easily add meta tags to your home page to confirm ownership of your domain for Google, Bing and Yahoo webmaster

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  • Sandbox

    Create a completely independent test site using existing hosting that is only available to administrators.

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  • Fancy Captcha

    Fancy Captcha is a jQuery plugin that helps you protect your web pages from bots and spammers. ??????????????

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  • WPML Translation Check

    This plugin for WPML enabled sites allows you to easily perform a language check (including language detection) on your translated content.

  • Random Code Generator

    A simple plugin that genrates a random string of characters and stores it in a database. Good for generating promotional codes

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  • All Meta Tags

    EASILY add your Meta Tags to the WordPress website's head section.

  • Humans Only

    Stop your WordPress website from being spammed by bots and restrict it only to humans.

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