10 Most Active WordPress Video Sitemap Plugins

  • Google XML Sitemap for Videos

    This plugin will help you generate Google Video Sitemaps (XML) for your WordPress blog.

  • Video XML Sitemap Generator

    This plugin generates an XML file containg information about the videos embedded in your WP Pages and Posts as per Google XML Schema for the Video Sit

  • Sitemap Generator

    An easy to use XML sitemap generator with support for image and video sitemaps for WordPress.

  • Youtube Video Sitemap generator

    Scan your site for youtube links in both post content and meta tags and create a xml video sitemap file on the fly.

  • WP Video SEO

    WordPress Video SEO plugin allows you to generate a sitemap for your videos. It helps search engine index your videos for better ranking.

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  • Google Video Sitemap Feed With Multisite Support

    Genera dinámicamente el archivo sitemap-video.xml, un mapa de sitio de vídeos para Google. No requiere ningún tipo de configuración.


    Extended SEO made easy in this all-in-one SEO tool for WP. Create relevant content & improve reputation.

  • Video SEO

    This plugin will generate a special video XML sitemap which will help search engines rank you better.

  • wp-media-sitemap

    WP-Media-SiteMap generate a sitemap of all your media content : images, video, flash animation.

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  • SW Video SiteMap

    This plugin generates a video sitemap of posts in a given category. Use the settings to identify which categories, what custom fields contain your vi

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