17 Most Active WordPress Visitor Tracking Plugins

  • Leadin

    Leadin is an easy-to-use marketing automation and lead tracking plugin for WordPress that helps you better understand your web site visitors.

  • Nelio AB Testing

    A/B Testing, conversion rate optimization, and beautiful Heatmaps specifically designed for WordPress.

  • Convertable Contact Form Builder Analytics and Lead Management Dashboard

    Contact email form builder + real time analytics + online database to track and update leads through sales cycle

  • Banckle Chat

    Banckle.Chat provides you a feature rich, reliable, economical and highly customizable live chat platform, for effective communication with visitors.

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  • Site Spy

    Tells you who's visiting your site and how valuable they are. Uses event tracking, lead capture and lead scoring. Supports WooCommerce.

  • ActiveHelper LiveHelp Live Chat

    Wordpress Live Chat plugin. Manage all your wordpress sites from your desktop or mobile.

  • Optify for Wordpress

    Optify's plugin provides marketers with seamless integration between WordPress and the Optify B2B Inbound Marketing Platform.

  • link-log

    Find out where your visitors leave to. Track clicks on external links.

  • Hipmob

    Talk to your visitors/users, transform user support and increase sales and conversions. Make your visitors happy with Hipmob hosted live chat!

  • Live Chat - Magnumchat

    Magnumchat is a live chat and conversion software. Magnumchat plugin adds Magnumchat script on website.

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  • LeadSource Tracker - Free Edition

    LeadSource Tracker is a simple campaign and marketing attribution that tracks multiple lead sources per visitor.

  • Google Analytics Counter Tracker

    Google analytics counter tracker - analyse the visitors hits on you website and display it graphically

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  • Evercookie

    Evercookie is a plugin to track users with persistent cookies. More information on: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Evercookie

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