12 Most Active WordPress Webcam Plugins

  • Kaltura All-in-One Video Plugin for WordPress

    Easily add full video capabilities to your blog.

  • VideoWhisper Live Streaming Integration

    The VideoWhisper Live Streaming software can easily be used to add video broadcasting features to WordPress sites and live video streams on blog pages

  • Video Recorder

    Build Your Community with Fan Videos. Collect and share crowdsourced video with Vidrack web-based video recorder.

  • S3Bubble Amazon S3 Video And Audio Streaming With Analytics & Uploader

    S3Bubble offers secure, Media Streaming from Amazon S3 to WordPress with built in analytics and aws uploader.

  • YouTube Upload Widget

    The YouTube Upload Widget allows you to easily add video to your WordPress blog.

  • my beautiful tubes

    A plugin which allows blogger to embed youtube videos on the post and page and get more views for that video.

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  • VideoWhisper Video Conference Integration

    This Video Conferencing web based software can easily be used with WordPress sites to implement video conference for site users.

  • Bubblecast Video for Wordpress

    Bubblecast video plugin is one of the best Wordpress video plugin. Embed, upload or record video of your own or Youtube video into your blog posts

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  • Rencontre - Dating Site

    A free powerful and exhaustive dating plugin with private messaging, webcam chat, search by profile and automatic sending of email. No third party.

  • wpRTC - WebRTC for WordPress

    WebRTC for WordPress allows you to easily create a video chat room utilizing webRTC, which is supported by most of the latest versions of modern brows

  • VideoWhisper Video Presentation

    Implement live video presentation and consultation rooms for moderated, 2 way, few to many, group video conferencing. Sell access to rooms.

  • Stu's Quick Pic

    A simple plug-in widget to allow the display of a picture from its URL.

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