20 Most Active WordPress Welcome Plugins

  • WP Splash Page

    Add a fully customizable splash page for your WordPress site, it's simple and easy to use.

  • WP Splash Image

    WP Splash Image is a plugin for Wordpress to display picture, video or html code with a lightbox effect at the opening of the blog.

  • Better Notifications for WordPress

    Send customisable emails to your users for different WordPress notifications.

  • WP Dash Message

    Add a welcome message dashboard widget and remove any WordPress dashboard widgets with this plugin.

  • GPP About You Widget

    Adds a widget for easily creating an about your section to any widgetized region in your theme.

  • Welcome Pack

    Automatically send friend/group invites and a welcome message to new users, and redirect them to a custom page. Also provides email customisation opti

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  • WP Welcome Message

    WP Welcome Message is a wordpress plugin, which help your to make any announcement, special events, special offer, signup message or such kind of mess

  • GPP Welcome Message Widget

    Adds a widget for easily creating prominent welcome messages.

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  • The Welcomizer

    This plugin allows you to quickly animate your WordPress blog.

  • Welcome User Widget

    A plugin with a simple widget to display welcome message along with the user_login of the current user.

  • ResponsiveVoice Text To Speech

    ResponsiveVoice the leading HTML5 text to speech synthesis solution, is now available for WordPress. Over 51 languages through 168 voices.

  • VR Splash Screen

    VR Splash Screen permet d'afficher une page intermédiaire (splash screen) lors de la première visite d'un internaute permettan

  • Personal Welcome

    Personal Welcome is a Wordpress plugin that allows site administrators to create and send personalised welcome messages to new users.

  • Welcome!

    The plugin allows the user to display a welcome message to its visitors with fade out feature.

  • Sitewide Newsletters

    Sitewide Newsletters is a Wordpress MU plugin that allows site administrators to send an email message to all users.

  • Terms & Conditions

    This Plugin adds a Terms & Conditions agreement page the first time a user logs in and a welcome message for new members.

  • Re-Welcome

    Adds a row action to resend the Welcome email

  • Light Messages

    Light Message plugin allowing you to welcome your users with customized messages from image to text and other various elements.

  • AA Coming Soon

    It's a simple coming soon extension by AA Extension. But it is still in development.

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  • Terms of Use

    Instead of making the user agree to the Terms of Use when they join the site this plugin makes them agree to the terms and conditions the first time t

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