18 Most Active WordPress Whois Plugins

  • Powie's WHOIS

    Check Domain WHOIS Lookup for availability. Simple insert the [pwhois] shortcode on a page or post

  • IP Intelligence

    Provides the ability to retrieve information on a commentators IP address without leaving the "edit-comments.php" page.

  • IPv6 Detector

    Just a simple plugin to detect if a visitor is using ipv6 or not.

  • Show Visitor IP Address

    Show visitor IP Address and linked it to http://whois.domaintools.com, everytime they click at the link they will be redirected to see where they come

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  • WP Whois Domain

    This plugin intended to lookup for domain registrant data.

  • Whois Dashboard Widget

    A simple dashboard widget to Whois lookup domain name registration information.

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  • Whois on widget

    Simple whois tool in a widget

  • DomainTools Whois Plugin

    DomainTools whois plugin shows whois data for domains found in blog articles and links them to whois.domaintools.com.

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  • WhoisMind

    WhoisMind.com widget allows users to enter a hostname, ip address or email and displays all public domain information and related data.

  • WPwhois-v09-Russian

    Provides usage of Whois service in WP (fully Russian)

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  • hieWPwhois

    With hieWPwhois Plugin you can query domain status and whois (DomainavailibilityCHecK).

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