18 Most Active WordPress Writing Plugins

  • WPeMatico

    This is for autoblogging. Post automatically from RSS/Atom feeds organized into campaigns. Drinks a coffee meanwhile WPeMatico publishes your posts.

  • After the Deadline

    After the Deadline uses artificial intelligence to check spelling, style, and grammar in WordPress.

  • FD Footnotes Plugin

    Add elegant looking footnotes to your posts simply and naturally.

  • Extra Visual Editor Buttons Tinymce Buttons

    Simple plugin adds extra buttons like font family, font size, hr and more to the default WordPress Tinymce Visual Editor.

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  • Relative URL

    Relative URL applies wp_make_link_relative function to links to convert them to relative URLs.

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  • Easy Content Templates

    This plugin lets you define content templates to quickly and easily create new posts or pages.

  • Preserve Code Formatting

    Preserve formatting of code for display by preventing its modification by WordPress and other plugins while also retaining whitespace.

  • Easy Footnotes

    Easy Footnotes let's you quickly and easily add footnotes throughout your WordPress posts using a simple shortcode in the text editor.

  • EzineArticles WordPress Plugin

    Submit your high-quality, original WordPress blog posts to the EzineArticles for more exposure, credibility and traffic back to your website.

  • FD Word Statistics Plugin

    Shows word and sentence counts plus a readability analysis of the post currently being edited using three different readability measurements.

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  • GatherContent Import

    The GatherContent Import plugin allows you to quickly import structured content from your GatherContent projects into your WordPress site.

  • Proofread Bot

    Proofread Bot automatically checks your content for grammar, style, statistic and plagiarism issues.

  • Quotmarks Replacer

    Quotmarks Replacer disables wptexturize function that keeps all quotation marks and suspension points in half-width form.

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  • Mooberry Book Manager

    An easy-to-use system for authors. Add your new book to your site in minutes, including links for purchase or download, sidebar widgets, and more.

  • Sina Weibo Like Button ???????

    Adds Sina Weibo Like button on your site. A must-have plugin if your site visitors are mainly from China.

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  • Pro Writing Aid

    Pro Writing Aid shows you a set of reports to help you improve your writing.

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  • Dave's Whizmatronic Widgulating Calibrational Scribometer

    The Scribometer allows writers to track and display their writing progress in their sidebar.

  • Emoji Settings

    Emoji Settings adds an option in your Writing Settings page to disable or enable emojis.

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