19 Most Popular WordPress Advanced Custom Fields Plugins

  • Magic Fields 2

    Description: Magic Fields 2 is a feature rich Wordpress CMS plugin

  • ACF qTranslate

    Provides qTranslate compatible ACF field types for Text, Text Area, WYSIWYG, Image and File.

  • WCK - Custom Fields and Custom Post Types Creator

    A must have tool for creating custom fields, custom post types and taxonomies, fast and without any programming knowledge.

  • Advanced Custom Fields Repeater & Flexible Content Fields Collapser

    Easier sorting for large repeated fields in the Advanced Custom Fields plugin.

  • Advanced Custom Fields - Contact Form 7 Field

    Adds a 'Contact Form 7' field type for the Advanced Custom Fields WordPress plugin.

  • Advanced Custom Fields: Nav Menu Field

    Add-On plugin for Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) that adds a 'Nav Menu' Field type.

  • Advanced Custom Fields: Image Crop Add-on

    An image field making it possible/required for the user to crop the selected image to the specified image size or dimensions

  • Advanced Custom Fields: Limiter Field

    This plugin provides a textarea that limits the number of characters a user can add. The limit is cleanly represented by a jQuery UI progress bar.

  • WP Ultimate Search

    Powerful AJAX-based search alternative which supports faceting queries by taxonomies, terms, location, and post metadata.

  • Advanced Custom Fields - Widget Relationship Field add-on

    This plugin is an add-on for Advanced Custom Fields. It allows you to use an ACF "relationship" field to choose widgets at a page level.

  • Advanced Custom Fields Categories

    Categories/Taxonomies addon for the AFC Wordpress plugin http://www.advancedcustomfields.com

  • Advanced Custom Fields - Code Area Field

    Adds a 'Code Area' textarea editor field type for the Advanced Custom Fields WordPress plugin.

  • Advanced Custom Fields: oEmbed Field

    Adds an oEmbed field type to Advanced Custom Fields.

  • ACF Fold Flexible Content

    A simple plugin for enhancing the ACF Flexible Content Field. Collapsed flexible content panels with helping icons representing each field types insid

  • Advanced Custom Fields: NextGen Gallery Custom Field

    This plugin provides an extra field for the Advanced Custom Fields plugin to support the NextGEN Gallery plugin.

  • Advanced Custom Fields: Widget Area Field

    Add-on to Advanced Custom Fields giving you a field to display Widget Areas.

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  • Advanced Custom Fields: Link Picker Field

    Adds an Advanced Custom Field field that allows the selection of a link utilising the WordPress link picker modal dialog

  • Advanced Custom Fields: Row Field

    Add-on to Advanced Custom fields for showing multiple ACF fields in a single row

  • Advanced Custom Fields: Accordion Tab Field

    An accordion field that lets you group multiple fields under accordion tabs. This makes a long ACF form break down with style.

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