17 Most Popular WordPress Ajax Login Plugins

  • Login With Ajax

    Add smooth ajax login/registration effects and choose where users get redirected upon log in/out. Supports SSL, MultiSite, and BuddyPress.

  • Facebook Login

    Facebook Login. Simple adds a facebook login button into wp-login.php and let you use facebook avatars, period.

  • WP Custom Register Login

    Allows you to add fully customizable ajax powered responsive login, registration and password reset forms anywhere on your website.

  • WP Sidebar Login

    This plugin used to easily add an ajax enabled wordpress login widget to your site's sidebar.

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  • Ultimate AJAX Login

    Very flexible and easy to use AJAX Login plugin with redirects, customizable templates...

  • BuddyPress Sliding Login Panel

    Adds a sliding AJAX login panel to BuddyPress with a full account center and menu for logged in users.

  • Ajax Login/Register

    This plugin provides a smooth way for the user to login and register at any wordpress site

  • WP AJAX Login and Register

    Easy to use frontend AJAX Login and Register plugin with no settings required.

  • AS login

    AS login you can fully customize wordpress login page.

  • Simple Ajax Auth

    Simple plugin for providing AJAX login/signup/forgot password popup with redirects.

  • WP RSlogin

    An elegant jQuery Ajax Wordpress plugin that helps your users login without touching in the admin panel.

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  • Jeba ajax login/register

    This is Jeba ajax login/register wordpress plugin. By using a simple shortcode easily can use ajax login/register in your site.

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  • As Nice Scroll

    As nice scroll is a jquery plugin for WordPress site. This plugin will create a nice scrollbar for your site.

  • Bangla Sidebar Login

    It is an ajax enabled Bangla wordpress login form through which you can add a Bangla wordpress login widget in your website's sidebar.

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  • Ajax Login

    Ajax Login is a sample login interface that you login your admin panel by using ajax.

  • Wp Login with Ajax

    Add ajax login functionality without refreshing the page.

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  • Ajax Rating with Custom Login

    This is a Ajax plugin for Post / Custom Post rating. You can customize rating type, color, count etc. In this plugin you will get a custom login this

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