10 Most Popular WordPress Alt Plugins

  • Image/Banner Widget

    Add Images and Banners to your sidebars easily! Add title, link, alternative text, even set the link targets with one widget. No coding required!

  • Seo Optimized Images

    Seo Optmized Images Plugin lets you dynamically insert Seo Friendly alt and title attributes to your Images

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  • DP ALTerminator - Missing ALT manager

    Adds ALT tags to your content images when they're missing or empty. It's pattern can be customized with simple shortcodes.

  • Image Caption Easy

    Transforms the alt text of an image into a caption which can be controlled through css.

  • MMWW

    Media Metadata Workflow Wizard: Integrate your media metadata workflow with WordPress's Media Library

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  • Gravatar SEO

    A light and simple plugin to insert automatically ALT & TITLE tags into Gravatar images in your site.

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  • Header Image Description

    Grab predefined header image description to be used for ALT, TITLE or other in template files.

  • Media Ally

    Provides a report on the accessibility of your media files.


    Simple customisable plugin that makes changing image ALT tags, easy and effortless work.

  • Update Image Tag Alt Attribute

    This plugin updates the alt attribute for all images that have null alt attribute text with the attached post/page title or the file name.

Should we add any alt plugins to the list? Let us know what you think.

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