10 Most Popular WordPress Anonymous Plugins

  • Text Obfuscator

    Replaces words and phrases in your posts' content with alternative words and phrases.

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  • Simple Preview

    Enables you to give a link to anonymous users for public preview of a post before it is published.

  • HeyPublisher Submisson Manager

    This plugin allows you as a publisher or blog owner to accept unsolicited submissions from writers without having to create an account for them.

  • WP Guest Bar

    Adds a BuddyPress guest bar (login+register) to your WordPress site and show a message!

  • Eyes Only

    The ultimate tool for publishing your private thoughts in public

  • Anonymous Posting

    Anonymous Posting plugin allows anonymous user to write their own posts using special page, no access to WP panel is needed.

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  • WP Secure Referer Plugin - Dereferer Service

    Automatically changes all external links on the blog to redirect through various anonymization services, used to hide the source (referer) of traffic.

  • Feed Anonymizer

    Replaces individual author names in feeds with the site name.

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  • 03TALK Personal Conference Call

    The 03TALK Personal Conference Call plugin allows you to create, edit and display your free and anonymous conference call from within Wordpress.

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  • Anon Links

    Anonymiz, Anonymizer, Anonymous, hide referer, nofollow, target blank all external links.

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Should we add any anonymous plugins to the list? Let us know what you think.

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