14 Most Popular WordPress Bank Plugins

  • eShop

    An accessible Shopping Cart plugin.

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  • Pronamic iDEAL

    The Pronamic iDEAL plugin allows you to easily add the iDEAL payment method to your WordPress website.

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  • Stock Ticker

    Easy add customizable moving or static ticker tapes with stock information for custom stock symbols.

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  • Multibanco (IfthenPay gateway) for WooCommerce

    This plugin allows Portuguese costumers to pay WooCommerce orders with Multibanco (Pag. Serviços), using the IfthenPay payment gateway.

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  • Hypecal Ticketing System for Events Manager

    Hypecal extension for the Events Manager plugin to sell tickets, manage bookings and registrations and boost your event's promotion.

  • OmniCard Lite

    The best integrated and most complete, easy to use payment gateway plugin for Rabobank Omnikassa for WooCommerce.

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  • DBS-Parspal-JustPay

    Adds a Parspal payment form to your website using shortcodes.

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  • WooCommerce MultiBank

    Accept up to 5 different banks accounts to show to your customer. This is a simple gateway for who want to sell with many different bank accounts.

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  • Dukagate

    Dukagate is an open source e-commerce solution built for Wordpress.

  • Gateway Mellat Bank for CampTix

    Iranian Mellat Bank Gateway for CampTix plugin

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  • Plenigo

    plenigo offers a full-featured e-commerce SaaS platform for digital products such as text, video, audio.

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Let us know below if we missed any of your favorite bank plugins.

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