15 Most Popular WordPress Bmi Plugins

  • Overweight Calculator

    This plugin displays functional overweight / BMI calculator

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  • BMI BMR Calculator

    Body mass index and Basal Metabolic Rate calculator that saves calculation data for logged in users and gives overview to the trainer (admin).

  • Simple BMI Calculator Widget

    Simple Body Mass Index Calculator as a Widget on your website. You can customize it as you want to match Your Theme.

  • BMI Calculator

    This BMI calculator can give out the BMI value as well as basic understandings based on age, height, and weight.

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  • BMI Calculator Widget

    A fully customizable BMI calculator widget

  • BMI / IMC Calculator

    A simple calculator to show your users BMI (Body Mass Index)

  • Protech BMI calculator

    A widget which calculate Body Mass Index

  • CC BMI Calculator

    Add a free simple customizable BMI Calculator to your web site.

  • BMI Widget

    Adds a widget that displays a BMI calculator with standard or metric measurements and options for styling.

  • Vücut Kitle Endeksi

    Cinsiyet, boy ve kilo girilerek; Vücut Yüzey Alan?, Ya?s?z Vücut A??rl???, ?deal Vücut A??rl???, Vücut Kitle Endeksi de?erlerini h

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  • BMI Wrong Image Link Fix

    If you're images change to strange URLs like this plugin will help

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  • BMI Calculator Plugin

    Add a simple, stylable BMI calculator to your WordPress blog. Comes with several stylish themes.

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