19 Most Popular WordPress Card Plugins

  • Embedly

    The Embedly Plugin extends Wordpress's auto embed feature to give your blog more media types, video analytics, recommendation, and style options.

  • Fotomoto

    Version: 1.1.7 Turns your photoblog, into a online boutique, a fully enabled e-commerce site.

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  • WooCommerce PayPal Pro Payment Gateway

    Easily add PayPal Pro payment gateway to the WooCommerce plugin so you can allow customers to checkout using credit cards on-site.

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  • Flipping Cards

    Create sexy flipping cards !

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  • Flashcard Plugin for WordPress

    Flashcard is a WordPress plugin that enables your website to display animated flashcards to help language learning.

  • WP MtG-Helper

    Mtg Helper supports you writing "Magic:the Gathering"-articles

  • WP Plugin Info Card

    WPPIC displays plugins & themes data in a beautiful box with a smooth rotation effect using WP Plugin & Theme APIs. Dashboard widget included.

  • Payment Form for PayPal Pro

    Payment Form for PayPal Pro for accepting credit cards directly into your website without navigating to a PayPal page. Official Paypal Partner.

  • Easy Flashcards

    Easy Flashcard Plugin allows you to easily create,design and manage flashcards for your wordpress site.

  • Hearthstone Cards for WordPress

    Hearthstone Cards for WordPress adds an overlay to written card names and displays the associated image while hovering them.

  • Credit Card Payment

    PayPal Credit Card Payment. Develop by Official PayPal Partner.

  • Twitter Card Generator

    Generate Twitter Cards for tweets linking posts

  • I am

    Show who you are in you blog

  • Gravity Forms Paystation (3 Party Hosted)

    Integrates Gravity Forms with the Paystation 3 party hosted payment gateway allowing end-users to purchase goods and services via Gravity Forms.

  • DD - Business Card Widget

    A semantic business information widget for wordpress. Sections for business name, address, contact, opening hours and additional information.

  • Menu Card

    Menu Card Lets you build menu card of restaurants, with a shortcode.

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  • eshop-quantumwebform

    Add's Quantum Gateway Webform Support to eShop to securely accept credit cards.

  • WooCommerce PostePay

    A WooCommerce Extension that adds the payment gateway "PostePay" to your WP website.

  • TCG Card Links

    Place links shortcode for Magic: the Gathering card names within your blog posts to show card information links with Low-Mid-Hi pricing!

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