17 Most Popular WordPress Cc Plugins

  • Pixabay Images

    Find quality CC0 Public Domain images for commercial use, and add them to your blog with just a click - attribution is voluntary.

  • Creative Commons Configurator

    Helps you publish your content under the terms of Creative Commons and other licenses.

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  • Free Stock Photos Foter

    This plugin lets you easily search, manage and add free photos (more than 180 mln of them) to your blog posts.

  • Pixabay Images Gallery

    Show a set of beautiful and free images from Pixabay justified in a responsive grid layout.

  • Picture finder

    This plugin is built for people keen to reuse flickr images in their blogs.

  • Easy CC License

    An easy to use shortcode for inserting a Creative Commons license image or license block to your posts or pages.

  • Creative Commons Generator

    This plugin display a Creative Commons banner below your posts in WordPress. All metadata included.

  • Creative Commons License Manager

    The Wordpress interface for managing media is extended to have an option to specify a CC license for uploaded content. When aforementioned content is

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  • CC Admin Emails

    CC other email addresses on emails bound to the admin email address.

  • License

    The license plugin gives authors the ability to mark their content with a Creative Commons license and to display the license along with the content.

  • Creative Commons Tagger

    Adds support for tagging images with creative commons licenses.

  • Creative Commons Media Tagger

    Allows tagging of media as having a Creative Commons license. License info shows as link and/or image and is searchable. Search engine optimized.

  • Advanced Picture finder

    Tested up to: 3.3 Stable tag: 0.93 This plugin is built for people keen to reuse flickr images in their blogs. Searching for just CC-BY material the

  • TextMe

    TextMe sends a carbon-copy of all admin emails via a SMS text-message to a specified phone number.

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Let us know if there are any of your favorite cc plugins missing from our list.

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