17 Most Popular WordPress Child Plugins

  • Child Themify

    Create child themes at the click of a button.

  • Gecka Submenu

    Submenu autopopulates any nav menu page item with its children and allows to put menus, or portion of menus, anywhere in your site.

  • Hierarchical Pages Widget

    Makes collapsing hierarchical pages/category/taxonomy lists: top level; ancestors, children, and/or siblings of current

  • Childify Me

    Create a child-theme from the Theme Customizer.

  • SB Child List

    The total in-page navigation solution for Wordpress. Using the shortcodes and widgets provided you can display navigation between your parent, child a

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  • Child Page Navigation

    Provides a theme-independent widget that lists the child pages underneath the current page.

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  • Filter Pages by parent in admin

    Filter pages in the wp-admin by their parent pages

  • Wordpress CSS Drop-down Menu

    Use Wordpress' nav menu system to create left/right widget flyouts, with support for Superfish

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  • WP-Parsi navigation trees

    This plugin create dynamic expand/collapse tree-widget navigation from wordpress nav menu.

  • Sub Page Hierarchy Widget

    An easy widget to let you show a clickable list of pages linked to a particular 'parent' page on your site

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  • PJW Query Child Of

    Allows you to use query_posts to list the children of a page.

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  • Remove Parents

    Remove Parents is a tiny plugin which remove "category" and parent categories from permalink.

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  • Categories in Hierarchical Order

    This plugin maintains the hierarchical order of categories list in Category tab under your WordPress admin post editor

  • Style.css Load Last Version

    Load the Last Version of style.css everytime, whenever and ever. No side effects on performance.

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  • YT Tree Menu

    This plugin is designed to be a page menu for people using WordPress as a CMS

  • Collapsing Categories List

    This plugin is a filter for collapsing the subcategories from category list.

  • CleanCodeNZ Exclude Pages Plugin

    This is a plugin to hide pages from navigation and/or search results using custom fields, parent and child pages are supported too

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Let us know below in the comments if we missed any child plugins in our list.

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