16 Most Popular WordPress China Plugins

  • Open Social

    Login/Share with social networks: QQ, Sina, Baidu, Google, Live, DouBan, RenRen, KaiXin, XiaoMi, WeChat. No API, NO Register!

    no screenshot found
  • BBS e-Popup

    BBS e-Popup support features to produce and manage popups.(English,???,???,???)

    no screenshot found
  • anyShare

    ????????????????????????? Retina ?????? Chrome drupal ????? ...

    no screenshot found
  • Sina Weibo Like Button ???????

    Adds Sina Weibo Like button on your site. A must-have plugin if your site visitors are mainly from China.

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  • Open Link

    Outputs your Blogroll links to a Page or Post. use [wp-openlink] then you can get all your Wordpress links/Blogrolls.

    no screenshot found
  • Relevant Posts Widget

    A widget to show relevant posts of the current post by categories and tags. ????????????????????????

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  • China-AddThis


    no screenshot found
  • ?????????

    This plugin share your image to sina weibo.

  • Show Flickr Image

    Let visitors in China can see the Flickr Images you put in your post. The plugin replace the flickr image's default url to the available url whic

    no screenshot found
  • QQWorld Share

    Powerful share tools for SNS, MicroBlog, Blog, Bootmark, Mainly for China.

    no screenshot found
  • Chinese NewYear

    Chinese NewYear

    no screenshot found
  • Adso Chinese Popups

    Adsotrans provides mouseover popups for all UTF8 encoded Chinese text in any post.

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  • WP-Chop

    **WP-Chop** has become more powerful than you can possibly imagine.

    no screenshot found
  • Corner Bracket Lover

    Corner Bracket Lover converts all curly quotation marks (“” and ‘’) in your posts to traditional corner brackets (?? and ??).

    no screenshot found
  • Red Prunus

    ?blog??.???????;??????????. Kill the GFW. Prevent its keyword scanning; unblock facebook/picasa/flickr images.

    no screenshot found
  • ZhinaTwitterWidget

    A wordpress widget for Zhina bloggers, using Javascript so that it is compatible with WP-super-cache.

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Should we add any china plugins to the list? Let us know what you think.

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