20 Most Popular WordPress Classes Plugins

  • Widget CSS Classes

    Add custom classes and ids plus first, last, even, odd, and numbered classes to your widgets.

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  • Widget Classes

    Allows you to add classes to widgets

  • ZigWidgetClass

    Lets you add a custom CSS class to each widget instance.

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  • WebReserv Booking Calendar 2.0

    Embed the WebReserv booking/availability calendar 2.0 seamlessly in any Wordpress PAGE or POST.

  • WP Really Simple Health

    A really simple plugin for displaying WordPress memory utilization, server's uptime and Cpu last minute load on the new WordPress admin toolbar.

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  • MAJpage Menu Class Extender

    Adds classes to first, last, parent, even and odd elements of wp_page_menu and wp_nav_menu.

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  • SO Responsive Content

    With the SO Responsive Content plugin you can easily adjust the length of your content for different devices by making use of visibility classes.

  • Text Widget with Class

    A text widget based on the default Wordpress text widget. Allows users to add custom classes to the widget container and the title tag.

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  • Browser Body Classes with Shortcodes

    Adds browser-specific body classes for styling, and shortcodes to show or hide content to/from specified browsers and devices.

  • WoWRecrut

    WoWRecrut is a World of Warcraft Class recruitment Widget.

  • Extra Classes

    Adds classes for selected menu states such as highlighting categories when viewing a blog post or parent page when viewing an attachment page.

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  • Easy Classes

    This plugin has been made to easily handle classes and teachers informations on a Wordpress website.

  • Custom Menu Class

    Set predefined CSS classes to menu items

  • Tag to Link / Element to a

    "Tag to Link" permet de transformer toute balise HTML en lien pour favoriser le PageRank Sculpting / Plugin used to transform any HTML Tag i

  • WP Toolbox

    WordPress plugin to give theme developers a toolbox to use to make their development faster.

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  • Custom CSS classes for images

    This simple plugin adds two additional fields to the media window, that lets you set additional classes to images on top of the default ones.

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  • wp-eden

    A very simple WordPress plugin of Eden-PHP that allows developers to access the libraries / classes from their themes and plugins - Eden simply a set

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  • BizLibrary

    Enables Single Sign-On via SSL for BizLibrary resources.

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