19 Most Popular WordPress Cloud Storage Plugins

  • Perfect OneDrive Gallery & File

    Share easily your photos and files stored on Microsoft OneDrive. You can display a gallery with your photos or a link to a file for download.

  • WP2PCS ?WordPress??????


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  • YaDisk Files

    This plugin is created for easy adding files from Yandex Disk service to posts or pages of your wordpress site.

  • StorageMadeEasy Multi-Cloud File Download

    The StorageMadeEasy Multi-Cloud File Download plug-in enables you to share files for download, via a widget, for over 30 cloud storage providers.

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  • Gabëni

    Gabeni is an easy to use backup service that backs up and restores your ENTIRE WordPress website (including uploads and database) to Gabeni server sto

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  • WP2Cloud

    Now WordPress site can store all its content (pages and media) in cloud. This makes site powered by enormous scale and reliability of cloud storage.

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  • Backup by VOGA Press

    Simplest way to manage and monitor your backups with VOGAPress cloud service. FREE cloud backup service is available for personal WordPress site.

  • Google App Engine for WordPress

    Optimize your WordPress installation for the Google App Engine platform.

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  • Detuyun Image Cloud Storage

    Detuyun image storage plugin for wordpress. The image date will be easy to synchronize to detuyun.

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  • NetAngels Cloud Storage

    NetAngels Cloud Storage site's static files transfer plugin.

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  • GravityForms File Upload for GAE

    The Gravity Forms GAE File Upload allows you to use Gravity Forms' file uploading features with Google App Engine.

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Let us know below if we missed any of your favorite cloud storage plugins.

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