12 Most Popular WordPress Console Plugins

  • Debug Bar Console

    Adds a PHP/MySQL console to the debug bar. Requires the debug bar plugin.

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  • Sweet Custom Dashboard

    A nice plugin to start creating your own custom WordPress dashboard.

  • Wordpress Logger

    Display log messages during plugin and theme development on the console in Safari and Firefox (with Firebug) browsers.

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  • WP-Terminal

    WP-Terminal provides a terminal-like box for embedding terminal commands within pages or posts.

  • WP-ShkShell

    WP-ShkShell provides a terminal-like box for embedding terminal commands within pages or posts. It also support multi-lines, multi-commands and has s

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  • WpDevTool

    Development tool for WordPress to track bugs, manage crons, permalinks and much more.

  • WP Log in Browser

    Allows you to log data from your PHP WordPress code to your browser's console. Annoyed you can't var_dump from an AJAX handler? Not anymore

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  • Admin Icons

    Admin Icons allow to replace original icons with an another set. (from WordPress.org Project Icon) or your personnal creation.

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  • JK Development Console

    A development console for adding custom javascript and CSS.

  • Ataino Consolelog Output

    Output variable in your Web browser console.

  • SToken Console

    Adds an interactive console to Wordpress and allows you to add text Tokens that reveal corresponding text Secrets.

  • REST Console Embed

    Shortcode for an embeddable REST API Console, based on Automattic's WordPress.com Console.

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