17 Most Popular WordPress Cooking Plugins

  • WP Ultimate Recipe

    Everything a Food Blog needs. Beautiful SEO friendly recipes, print versions, visitor interaction, ...

  • GetMeCooking Recipe Template

    A WordPress recipe plugin for food bloggers. Display one or more recipes per page with print, recipe search, custom layout, SEO and other features.

  • Zip Recipes

    Zip Recipes is the perfect plugin for recipe/food blogs. Creating elegant recipes with images that increase your Google ranking is easy and simple.

  • Recipe Hero

    Recipe Hero is the easiest way to add recipes to your WordPress site in seconds. Complete with countless features, food never tasted better.

  • Yummly Rich Recipes

    Version: 4.0.3 The Yummly Rich Recipes plugin is the best tool for food bloggers: get more traffic, add a recipe box, print recipes and more!

  • hRecipe

    Use hRecipe for creating Google Rich Snippets, for leveraging SEO results, and for attractively displaying your recipes.

  • RecipePress reloaded

    A simple recipe plugin. It does all you need for your food blog. Plus: there these nifty recipe previews in Google's search - automagically.

  • Recipe of the Day

    Plugin "Recipe of the Day" displays categorized recipes on your blog. There are over 20,000 recipes in 40 categories.

  • Unit Converter

    Detects units of measurement in your blog text and automatically displays the metric or US customary equivalent in one of several possible ways.

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  • Converter

    This plugin adds a widget that allows your users to convert different ingredients to different measurements.

  • WP Recipes

    Manage recipes on your own wordpress blog with WP-Recipe. Supports taxonomies, featured image, .

  • Recipe Hero Labels

    Recipe Hero Labels adds a settings tab to Recipe Hero that allows you to customize the labels used by the plugin.

  • Food Business Gross Profit Calculator Plugin

    This is a plugin for users who are planning on starting food business and ideal for websites about cooking, baking and any that may apply such calcula

  • eat.abl.es Recipes

    Show your favorite recipes from eatables directly on your blog sidebar. Add, edit, rate and share your own recipes on the site.

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  • spoonacular recipe visualizer

    Make your recipe blog look awesome with pretty and insightful visualizations.

  • Gracipe

    A plugin to embed graphical recipes from http://www.gracipe.com into Wordpress.

  • Kwit Buy Button

    Kwit Buy Button enables users of a blog to quickly buy ingredients online that are mentioned in cooking recipes

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