10 Most Popular WordPress Cool Plugins

  • WP Attachments

    Powerful solution to manage and show your WordPress media in any post or page.

  • SB Login

    Sb login widget that allows a user to login, register, reset their password, see recent activity,time,post and comment count & many more in one pl

  • Cool fade popup

    Sometimes its useful to add a popup to your site to show your announcement, ads. Using this plug-in you can create unblockable popups for your site.

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  • Asteroids Widget

    Turn your site into the game of Asteroids. Click to start and you can destroy the contents of your webpage by flying around and shooting them. Check o

  • Simple Picture Menu

    A menu bar placed on any side of the screen to create a picture based bar, for users to navigate through out your website.

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  • GeotagPhoto

    Geotagged photos are automatically given a link to show where they were taken in the google map.

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  • Simple Slideshow Builder

    A Simple Slideshow Builder! :)

  • Awesome Share Button

    Awesome Share Button plugin is Simple wordpress plugin for share your post on Facebook,Twitter and other social network.

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  • Custom Functions Starter Kit by 99 Robots

    The Custom Functions Start Kit offers over a dozen easy to use fixes and functions for your WordPress site.

  • R-Cool-Social-Buttons

    R-Cool-Social-Buttons plugin is Simple wordpress post share plugin, you can share your post in facebook, twitter and google.

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Let us know below if we missed any of your favorite cool plugins.

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