10 Most Popular WordPress Custom Feed Plugins

  • Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Vine, Pinterest, etc - Feed Them Social

    Custom feeds for Facebook Pages, Groups, Events, Album Photos, Videos & Covers, Twitter, Vine, Instagram, Pinterest & YouTube on pages, posts

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  • Facebook Stream

    Facebook stream will show your facebook page or group wall in fully responsive format on your website.

  • mPress Custom Feed Excerpts

    Customize your feed excerpts by simply using the <!--more--> tag in posts.

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  • Feed Delay

    Stops a post from from immediately being published on feed.

  • Custom Google Plus Feed (google+)

    Google Plus Profile or Page feed for your website. Includes Follow button Options too.

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  • Comments On Feed

    This wordpress plugin lets your feed visitors write comments directly from your feed and shows each post comments on post feed item.

  • Custom Simple Rss

    A plugin to create your own Custom Simple RSS Feed according to parameters you choose

  • Custom Categories RSS

    Grab RSS only from specific categories.

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  • Skip RSS

    Skip post from appearing in RSS feed.

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  • Feeds in Theme plugin

    Creates 4 feeds : 'trdf' 'trss', 'trss2' and 'tatom' highly customisable using theme template.

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Leave a comment below if we missed any of your favorite custom feed plugins.

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