11 Most Popular WordPress Deal Plugins

  • Wishpond Social Contests

    Run promotional campaigns on your WordPress site that spread quickly on Facebook and Twitter and drive new customers.

  • deal or announcement with countdown timer

    This plugin will display your announcement with countdown timer.

  • Gratisfaction- Social Contests Referral Loyalty Rewards Program for WooCommerce

    All-in-One Loyalty+Social Contests+Referral Marketing WooCommerce. No Coding. Easy DIY Setup.

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  • Gestion de tarifs

    "Gestion de tarifs" permet d'ajouter une liste de tarifs avec plusieurs paramètres et de les insérer dans les articles et

  • Spreadly - Social Sharing

    A universal like/deal button

  • Amazon Blitzangebote

    Stellt die aktuellen Blitzangebote vom größten Marktplatz in Deutschland mit ihrer Partner-ID in Echtzeit dar.

  • En Masse Wordpress

    En Masse is now available for WordPress.

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  • Wordpress2Lead for PHC CRM FX

    Capture more leads and manage customer relationships more effectively with easy integration between WordPress and your PHC CRM FX installation.

  • WP Live-Shopping Blue

    Version: 1.1 Live-Shopping Blue

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  • WP Live-Shopping

    Version: 1.1 Live-Shopping

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  • WP Live-Shopping Caroussel

    Version: 1.1 Live-Shopping Caroussel

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Let us know if we missed any of your favorite deal plugins.

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