12 Most Popular WordPress Definition Plugins

  • HDW Player Plugin (Video Player & Video Gallery)

    This plugin is provided by HDW Player (video player & video gallery). It enables you to embed HDW Player on your WordPress websites.

  • CM Tooltip Glossary

    Easily create a Glossary, Encyclopaedia or Dictionary of your terms and show tooltip when users hover over. Many powerful features

  • Video Player

    Inserting video player on a page is a perfect way to supplement website with media content and expand the user’s interest in your site.

  • Wikipedia Autolink

    Link automatically all the highlighted words with the syntax [w:{term}] on the definition from Wikipedia.

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  • WP Glossary Hover

    When hovering over a word or phrase show the user created definition.

  • Definition List

    Definition List plugin add button to rich editor. Using it you can easily insert definition list elements to your articles.

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  • WP Tool Tips

    Let you include word definitios or explanations, in a tool-tip style.

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  • Wordpress Mobile Gestures by errnio

    errnio adds gesture engagement actions to your mobile site, enhancing experience, content circulation and time spent on your site.

  • Yet Another Glossary

    Simple Definition / Glossary Plugin.

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  • InvestorWords.com Term of the Day

    This plugin lets you add InvestorWord.com Term of the Day and its definition to your blog. If you have an investing or a finance blog, this is a great

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  • Cathopedia

    Permette di inserire nei post e nelle pagine i collegamenti alle voci di Cathopedia (http://it.cathopedia.org) usando la stessa sintassi di Cathopedia

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  • DefiThis

    Defithis adds the ability for your users to look up words from your content on Google -- or other services -- with one simple click.

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