19 Most Popular WordPress Deutsch Plugins

  • WP Permalauts

    Deutsche Umlaute in Permalinks von WordPress

  • Weather and Weather Forecast Widget

    Get the most beautiful weather info on your WordPress site using Weather Underground or Worldweatheronline!

  • Quick Featured Images

    Your time-saving Swiss Army Knife for featured images: Set, replace and delete them in bulk, set default images, get overview lists.

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  • WooCommerce Germanized

    Extends WooCommerce to become a legally compliant shop for german market. WooCommerce für den deutschen Markt - vorzertifiziert durch Trusted Shops.

  • wp-cleanumlauts2

    Converts German umlauts for permalinks, post, comments, feeds automatically. Wandelt Umlaute automatisch für Permalinks, Posting, Kommentare, Feeds.

  • Better Click To Tweet

    Insert click to tweet boxes into your posts, simply and securely. This plugin is customizable, regularly updated, and future-proof.

  • wp-days-ago

    Displays the number of years, months, days, hours and minutes since a post or a page was published or modified, or a comment was published.

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  • Widget Visibility Time Scheduler

    Control the visibility of each widget based on date, time and weekday easily.

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  • QR-Code Hoerandl

    Shortcode to generate customised QR-Codes

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  • Weather sidebar widget

    The Weather sidebar widget shows current weather and forecasts for the current day and the next three days for any location you choose.

  • schmie_Wetter

    WetterWidget fuer Deutschland

  • Simple Google Translate Widget

    Zeige internationalen Lesern Deinen Inhalt in ihrer Sprache mit dem Google Ãœbersetzung Widget.

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  • Tag Miner (Automatic Tag Extraction)

    Enrich your blog posts with automatically added, relevant tags.

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  • Easy Amazon Wishlist

    This plugin will allow you to find your Amazon Wishlist and display it in a Widget and customize how it gets displayed.

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  • Reiseblog Widgets

    Nützliche Widgets für deinen Reiseblog. Zeige zum Beispiel einen Reise-Countdown oder aktuelle Reiseschnäppchen in deiner Sidebar.

  • wpShopGermany - Händlerbund

    Mit Hilfe dieses Plugins ist es möglich deutsche rechtssichere Texte (für Shops) zu aktualisieren. Die Texte werden vom Händlerbund bezogen.

  • ias Countries

    Manage country lists: translate, customize, export, select, dropdown, group by region and parse url query to country code and name in any language.

  • DutchDate

    Replaces english day and month names with their german equivalent

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  • Indoeuropean Translator Widget

    Provides links to different automatic translations from the sidebar

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Let us know below if we missed any of your favorite deutsch plugins.

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