17 Most Popular WordPress Developers Plugins

  • Slidely Slideshows Embed

    Easily embed photos and music slideshows from Slide.ly into your WordPress site.

  • thumbGen

    This plugin creates a function named thumbGen() that allows to show any image in the specified size (plus many other things). It saves every generated

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  • Admin Page Framework

    Facilitates WordPress plugin and theme development.

  • WP Plugin Stats

    This plugin is made for WP plugin developers. It can show download stats in your Wordpress page/post.

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  • EP Admin Messages

    Show messages in WP Admin. Different messages can be shown at different places, for different people.

  • Custom Styling (for developers)

    This plugin simply holds custom CSS and JS/JQ that's independent from everything else.

  • CC Devs

    Adds the ability to easily CC developers on all admin emails

  • WP Toolbox

    WordPress plugin to give theme developers a toolbox to use to make their development faster.

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  • Window Width

    A simple addition to the WordPress admin bar that displays the current viewport width.

  • Get Tweets in PHP

    Get latest tweets from a Twitter account with a couple of lines of PHP, and do anything you want with them.

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  • hooks

    Displays WordPress plugins hooks information

  • Fleapay

    Fleapay is a shopping cart that creates simple payment buttons -- add an Online Store on your site in minutes!

  • IBA Store Links

    This plugin allows mobile app developers to quickly post links to their products on multiple app stores.

  • Developers Total Widgets

    The best widgets plugins for creating any kind of custom widgets.[Only-for-Developers]

  • Q

    NOTE: Beta release of Q WordPress Development Framework

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  • Minimal Shortcode UI

    Allows theme/plugin developers to make their custom shortcodes easily accessible to their users through a modal dialog from the content editor.

  • WP CoffeeScript

    Allows developers to easily use CoffeeScript in WordPress. Simply use enqueue_coffeescript(); the compilation is done automatically behind the scenes.

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Let us know below if we missed any of your favorite developers plugins.

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