13 Most Popular WordPress Discovery Plugins

  • Taboola

    Use the Taboola widget to generate revenue from 3rd-party content and increase engagement.

  • XRDS-Simple

    Provides framework for other plugins to advertise services via XRDS.

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  • Apple Music + Spotify Embed by Mixvisor

    Easily add Apple Music and Spotify previews to your website.

  • PubExchange

    Use the PubExchange widget to promote content from the sites that you have partnered with through PubExchange.com

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  • MyMovieMatrix Widget

    MyMovieMatrix is a One Stop discovery platform for Indian Movies & TV Shows.

  • host-meta

    host-meta for WordPress!

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  • WebFinger

    WebFinger for WordPress

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  • WebFinger Profile

    WebFinger Profile for WordPress

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  • WP Really Simple Discovery Link Remover

    Removes the Really Simple Discovery (RSD) links that gets appended to the header.

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  • AlpenGlo Related Blog Network

    Displays related blogs from our network at the end of each post and allows you to track click-through activity for each related blog. In turn, your bl

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  • Soundninja

    The Wordpress plug-in Spotify wish they made.

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Let us know if we missed any of your favorite discovery plugins.

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