11 Most Popular WordPress Douban Plugins

  • JiaThis????


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  • Open Social

    Login or Share with social networks: QQ, WeiBo, Baidu, Google, Microsoft, DouBan, XiaoMi, WeChat, GitHub, Twitter, Facebook. No API! Single PHP!

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  • Douban Collections

    Douban Collections provides a douban collections (books, movies, musics) page for WordPress.

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  • Fancy DOuban

    Fancy DOuban

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  • ??? for WordPress

    ?????for wordpress.

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  • Douban Book Image

    Display a Book Image widget using an image from the Douban Books, you can use it to share a book you are currently reading.

  • WP-DoubanShow

    Show your douban's collections and recommendations in a page.

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  • ??SMO???


    no screenshot found
  • Douban Say for WordPress

    Display the information of your douban say

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  • WP-Douban-Post

    Send one message to your douban broadcasting mysaying when you publish the post.

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  • ?????


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