19 Most Popular WordPress Dropdown Plugins

  • JQuery Accordion Menu Widget

    Creates vertical accordion menus from any Wordpress custom menu using jQuery. Add menus using either widgets or shortcodes.

  • Dropdown Menu Widget

    Pages/Categories/Custom dropdown navigation menus with nice jQuery effects. Comes with various customizable CSS themes!

  • Ozh' Admin Drop Down Menu

    All admin links available in a neat horizontal drop down menu. Saves lots of screen real estate!

  • WP SVG Icons

    Quickly and effortlessly enable 490+ beautifully designed SVG font icons, available on the frontend and backend of your site.

  • JQuery Mega Menu Widget

    Creates a widget, which allows you to add drop down mega menus from any Wordpress custom menu using jQuery.

  • Multi-level Navigation Plugin

    Adds a CSS based dropdown/flyout/slider menu to your WordPress blog.

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  • Menubar

    Single and multi-level menus for your WordPress site, styled with customizable menu templates.

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  • PixoPoint Menu Plugin

    This plugin has been retired and is no longer under active development.

  • Taxonomy Dropdown Widget

    Creates a dropdown list of non-hierarchical taxonomies as an alternative to the term (tag) cloud. Formerly known as Tag Dropdown Widget.

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  • Widgetize Navigation Menu

    Allows you to add any widget to your navigation’s drop-down menus with an easy to use interface. Comes with four custom widgets.

  • Wordpress Navigation List Plugin NAVT

    Create, organize and manage your WordPress menus and navigation lists by logically grouping your pages, categories, users via a drag'n drop interface.

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  • Taxonomy Widget

    Creates widgets for any public taxonomy. Display terms as an ordered list, unordered list, term cloud or dropdown menu.

  • Black Studio Touch Dropdown Menu

    Add support for navigation dropdown menus on mobile / touch devices.

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  • Add Font Family Dropdown to Visual Editor

    This plugin adds a Font Family Dropdown to Visual Editor.

  • WordPress Custom Sidebar

    With this plugin you can handle sidebar contents like posts and assign them from a dropdown menu.

  • Wordpress CSS Drop-down Menu

    Use Wordpress' nav menu system to create left/right widget flyouts, with support for Superfish

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  • WordPress Menu Vertical

    Folder Menu Vertical is a flash dynamic menu module for your WordPress 3.0+ website, designed to meet your needs and preferences.

  • Easy menus

    Plugin to load different types of menus with pictures.

  • Suckerfish Dropdown Menu

    Description: This plugin loads a suckerfish script for providing support for older browsers such as Internet Explorer 6.

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