16 Most Popular WordPress Emoticon Plugins

  • Allow Shortcodes in Text Widgets

    This plugin provides the option to enable/disable the shortcodes in the default text widgets along with smilies.

  • TinyMCE Emoticons

    TinyMCE Emoticons plugin helps to add emoticons in posts and pages easily.

  • Kaskus Emoticons

    Kaskus Emoticons is an emoticon set inspired by Kaskus, the Largest Indonesian Community

  • Speedy Smilies

    Speeds up and beautifies your blog by substituting the individually-wrapped WordPress smilies with a single CSS image sprite containing all emoticons.

  • Zaazu Emoticons

    The only plugin for wordpress that gives you access to a variety of smileys created by ZaaZu.com!

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  • TinyMCE Smiley Button

    Add Smiley Button to TinyMCE.

  • Emoji Settings

    Emoji Settings adds an option in your Writing Settings page to disable or enable emojis.

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  • LM-Easy-Emoticons

    Easy way to use Emoticons.

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  • Locco Emoticons

    Locco Emoticons is an emoticon set inspired by Andrei Sebastian.

  • Stylish Smilies

    Wraps text-based emoticons with <span> elements for easy styling. ex: <span class="smiley biggrin">:D</span>

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  • WP eSmiler

    WP eSmiler is an emoticon plug-in for setuping new smiley set in just one click.

  • Disable WP Emojis

    Removes emojis from the WordPress front-end, admin pages, feeds and e-mails.

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  • Mood Personalizer

    Widget that you can place in your sidebar and show your current mood.

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  • Smood it

    Do you want to know how people feel about your posts? This plugin adds a Smood it widget at the end of every blog post.

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  • Empathy

    You're emotional. Empathy understands. Make your emotions an integral part of your site with the Empathy mood and emotion plugin.

Let us know below if we missed any of your favorite emoticon plugins.

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