10 Most Popular WordPress Extract Plugins

  • WP CSV Exporter

    You can export posts in CSV format for each post type. It is compatible with posts' custom fields and custom taxonomies.

  • Post Office

    Do you want to post your Word/Excel files? Now you can! This plugin will post these files for you (more on their way).

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  • WP Excerpt Generator

    générateur d'extraits pour WordPress avec plusieurs options... (excerpts generator for WordPress with several options...).

  • DOCX to HTML Free

    This plugin will process an uploaded .docx file, extracting all the content as a post/page.

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  • Supra CSV

    A plugin to ingest and extract/create/update posts, custom posts, attachments, tags, keywords and custom post meta with csv files.

  • WP-WikiBox

    Get Wikipedia article summary for a keyword in any language, inline with your posts and pages, with a simple shortcode and/or function.

  • Upunzipper

    This plugin allow you to extract and add files in the media library from a zip file.

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  • WP AutoTags

    ??:Often publish articles and updates people loves forgets to set tags when editing an article, the article automatically add keywords tag. tag ex

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  • Extract Filters and Actions from Plugins

    Extracts all instances of apply_filters() and do_action() from any installed WordPress Plugin.

  • Highlighted Code Extractor

    Extract the highlighted source code. By this, we could do something with the source code.

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