13 Most Popular WordPress Favorite Plugins

  • WP Favorite Posts

    Allows visitors to add favorite posts. This plugin use cookies for saving data so unregistered users can favorite a post.

  • FavIcon Switcher

    This plugin enables multiple favicon based on URL match rules.

  • Favorites

    Favorites for any post type. Easily add favoriting/liking, wishlists, or any other similar functionality using the developer-friendly API.

  • Light Social

    This is a super lightweight plugin to insert a set of social share links at the bottom of each post, focused on technical blogs.

  • Random Featured Post

    The Random Featured Post plugin allows you to display a random post from a designated category as a "featured" post.

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  • Jet Tweet

    Bring Twitter to your WordPress site with powerfull widget uses the Twitter API version 1.1.

  • DBWD Bookmark Page

    Places a Bookmark Button on Your Page - Selectable Graphics and Positioning - Upgrade to Bookmark Professional Now Available.

  • Favorite Post

    This is a simple yet another favorite post plugin.

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  • Love Button

    The Love Button is the only Social Sharing Plugin, which combines the data privacy of a 2-click social sharing buttons with individual settings and an

  • Top Categories

    Display your top x categories by post where x is the number of categories you want to display

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  • Custom Admin-Bar Favorites

    Allows admins other users with a specially-defined user-capability to define a custom menu on the admin-bar of his or her favorite shortcuts.

  • Kudos

    Brings Kudos, an unobtrusive alternative to Facebook's like, to your WordPress blog.

  • Random Posts, Mp3 Player + ShareButton

    The 4 in 1 plugin shows rotating random posts, flash mp3 player, addthis.com share button + quick notification that floats at top or bottom of browser

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