16 Most Popular WordPress Folders Plugins

  • Media File Manager

    You can make sub-directories in the upload directory, and move files into them.

  • Lazyest Gallery

    Maybe the second-best Gallery plugin for WordPress

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  • BuddyDrive

    Share files the BuddyPress way!

  • File Permissions & Size Check

    Simple plugin that checks your WordPress install and shows your file permissions, size, and last modified date.

  • Media Library Plus

    Easier file and folder management for WordPress Media Library for Galleries and Albums

  • Folders

    Bulk organise your media attachments, custom post types, pages and posts into folders. A perfect addition to sites with large amounts of pages, posts

  • WP-301

    Easily 301 redirect any page or URL on your website to a new location anywhere on the internet.

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  • GoogleDrive folder list

    GoogleDrive folder list allows you to insert a document list from any shared folder in Google Drive without Google authentication.

  • BuddyPress Group Folders

    Very basic and private file storage for groups.

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  • Issuu Panel

    Upload documents, create folders, embed documents in the posts by the WordPress admin panel.

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  • Wordpress MooTools Tree Creator

    Displays a hierarchial tree, similar to widows explorer folder tree. Can be used as a geneological tree , a file tree, you decide.

  • m1.DownloadList

    This plugin easily displays the folders and files from a selected directory. It can be placed by shortcode in any post.

  • EW Gallery Plugin

    The EW Gallery Plugin allows you to organize photos and YouTube videos on your WordPress website into folders and display each folder in its own Jssor

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  • BuddyDrive

    Share files the BuddyPress way!

  • ShowBox

    Any images, photos, pictures from your DropBox Public folder now are accessible to view in sidebar gallery of your blog.

Should we add any folders plugins to the list? Let us know what you think.

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