12 Most Popular WordPress Force Plugins

  • Force Regenerate Thumbnails

    Delete and REALLY force the regenerate thumbnail.

  • Login Security Solution

    Security against brute force attacks by tracking IP, name, password; requiring very strong passwords. Idle timeout. Maintenance mode lockdown.

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  • WP Force SSL

    Redirect all traffic from HTTP to HTTPS to all pages of your WordPress website.

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  • Login Security

    Improves the security of the login page against brute-force attacks. Records every attempts to login. Easily block an IP address.

  • Require Post Category

    Require users to choose a post category before saving a draft, updating a post, or publishing a post.

  • Password Protect Plugin for WordPress

    Force all visitors to login before accessing your wordpress site and add a message on the login screen explaining that login is required.

  • Force Password Change

    Require users to change their password on first login.

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  • Force Post Category Selection

    Version: 1.1 This is simple plugin which forces the users to select atleast one category from the list while publishing a new post.

  • Like To Keep Reading

    Get more Facebook Likes, Google +1s, and Tweets by forcing users to perform a social action before accessing the rest of your content.

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  • Force First and Last Name as Display Name

    Force the "display_name" of all users to be the user's first and last name. If those fields are empty, display name falls back to their

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  • Quick Post Management

    QPM adds page/post management links for one-click actions as drafting, private/public, opening/closing comments/trackbacks, trashing/deleting, etc

  • Bp Force Profile

    A plugin to force buddypress users to complete the required fields of their profiles

Let us know below if we missed any of your favorite force plugins.

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