18 Most Popular WordPress Formidable Plugins

  • WP-SpamShield Anti-Spam

    An exceptionally powerful WordPress anti-spam plugin that eliminates comment spam, trackback spam, contact form spam & registration spam.

  • Anti-Spam by CleanTalk - No Captcha, no comments & registrations spam

    Max power spam protection, all-in-one, premium anti-spam. No comments spam & registrations spam, no email spam, protects any forms. Forget spam.

  • WP User Frontend

    Create, update, delete posts and edit profile directly from the WordPress frontend.

  • Gravity Forms Directory

    Add directory capabilities and other functionality to the great Gravity Forms plugin.

  • File Away

    Upload, manage, and display files from your server directories or page attachments in stylized lists or sortable data tables.

  • Terms of Use

    Forces all users (except admins) to agree to your Terms and Conditions on first login and anytime you choose to make them accept new terms. Alternativ

  • Formidable Honeypot

    Add SPAM protection to your Formidable forms without annoying your visitors with Captchas, math, or other fields.

  • Jumplead Marketing Software

    Full Inbound Marketing Automation for WordPress. Visitor ID, Chat, Conversion Forms, email Autoresponders and Broadcasts, Contact CRM and Analytics.

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  • Formidable Customizations

    A compendium of useful customizations and extensions for Formidable Pro. Easily customize your form fields from one location.

  • Formidable PRO2PDF

    Map web forms to PDF forms then with one simple shortcode - display a link on any post, page, form, or view the merged PDF on a PC or mobile device.

  • Formidable Anti-Spam

    A lightweight Formidable Pro anti-spam add-on that requires no interaction with the user.

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  • Formidable Email Shortcodes

    Create shortcodes with unique identifiers to use in your Formidable Email Notification Settings. Change email addresses globally from one location.

  • Contact Form 7 UI

    Adds a button in the rich text editor which generates the shortcode for Contact Form 7 forms.

  • Formidable - Clockwork SMS

    Works with the Formidable plugin to send SMS notifications when somebody submits your contact form, using the Clockwork API.

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