10 Most Popular WordPress Frames Plugins

  • Image Pro - Image resizing and media management done right

    Upload, resize, add, change images instantly. Manage your media collection with ease and use it for any post or page. A new way of managing content!

  • Frame Buster

    The frame buster plugin for WordPress will thwart any attempt to load your site in a frame.

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  • No More Frames

    Many web sites try to load your content into their own frame, to help sell ads on their sites. This plugin reloads sites such as Google images, forcin

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  • Image Shadow

    Image Shadow automatically adds a soft, realistic drop-shadow to jpeg images in your posts

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  • ScrapeBreaker

    A combination of frame-breaker and scraper protection. Protect your website content from both frames and server-side scraping techniques.

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  • WP Frame Breaker

    Adds a short javascript to your blog header to break out of any containing frames

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  • WP No Frames

    This days many web developers try to load your content into their own frame, to help sell ads on their sites or not to send visitors to your web page.

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  • imaGenius

    The plugin allows you to add a frame, a filter or an animation effect to any image, even external to WP, by inserting the link in between two tags.

  • JavaScript Framebreaker

    Adds a framebreaker JavaScript function to the header for breaking out of Google Image Search and other framesets

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  • Frame Breaker

    Save your content from illegal use, break out of frames with Frame Breaker.

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