18 Most Popular WordPress Geotag Plugins

  • OSM - OpenStreetMap

    Customize maps in your post, pages and widgets. Add geotag to your blog and site. Use GPX, KML, ...

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  • MyGeoPosition.com Geotagging: Geotags / GeoMetatags / GeoFeedtags / GeoMicrodata / Maps

    Create geo-posttags, geo-metatags & maps for posts + pages. An easy-to-use geopicker map with auto-locating functionality helps entering locations

  • Geo Tag

    This plugin adds location information to your posts and pages.

  • Geolocation

    The Geolocation plugin allows WordPress users to geotag their posts using the Edit Post page or any geo-enabled WordPress mobile applications.

  • Geolocation Plus

    Geolocation Plus lets you geotag your posts, shows a map on the post page and serves a GeoRSS feed of all geotagged posts on your site.

  • Geocode Switch

    GeoSwitch is a plugin that allows you to change the content of your site based on the location of your client’s IP.

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  • PlaceSurf

    Quickly and easily add links to your blog posts, which when clicked, starts up the Google Earth program at the specified location (lat/long).

  • OSM Categories

    OpenStreetMap plugin to embed a map with markers to articles from different categories in different map layers.

  • yapb-geotag

    Extract GPS data from Yet another photoblog plugin images and creates meta data for Geotag plugin

  • Geoportail Shortcode

    Last updated: 17/09/2013 This plugin allows you to add one map (via the Geoportail API) to your page/post using shortcode.

  • GeotagPhoto

    Geotagged photos are automatically given a link to show where they were taken in the google map.

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  • Twitchers

    twitcher is an easy to use plugin for geo-tagging visitor wildlife sightings on a Google map. You can display all placemarks on a large map. It utili

  • Nearby Flickr Photos

    Displays geotagged pictures from Flickr that are nearby the reader's location.

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  • Transportlines.com Free Fleet GPS Tracking - Geotag

    Instant GPS Tracking for your Wordpress site. Get Tracking now with your GPS enabled mobile phone. (This is an Extended version of GEOTAG plugin.).

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  • Sightings

    Sightings lets you or your readers geo-tag any post or page in your WordPress site to display your blog posts on a Google map.

  • Geo Metadata

    A simple and easy way to geotag your posts.

  • GeOSM2

    GeOSM2 is a widget that adds a minimap to your sidebar(s) displaying the location where you posted the entry.

  • Geotagger

    This is just a plugin to manage your post geotags and optionaly to display maps in your posts.

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