14 Most Popular WordPress Global Plugins

  • Disable Comments

    Allows administrators to globally disable comments on their site. Comments can be disabled according to post type. Multisite friendly.

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  • Simple Sitemap

    Powerful but simple to use HTML sitemap. Display site content in one or more lists separated by post type, customized via flexible filters.

  • Global Content Blocks

    Creates shortcodes to add HTML, PHP, forms, opt-ins, iframes, Adsense, code snippets, reusable objects, etc, to posts/pages, and preserves formatting.

  • Add Local Avatar

    This plugin adds the ability to manage global, local, and use twitter avatars.

  • Contact Details

    Adds the ability to easily enter and display contact information.

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  • Contact Us

    Adds the ability to easily enter and display contact information.

  • BigContact Contact Page

    Create super cool contact pages for your site. Just add a contact form to any page, display business hours, emails and phone numbers as widgets.

  • Botnet Attack Blocker

    This plugin blocks distributed botnet brute-force attacks on your Wordpress installation.

  • Global Javascript

    A simple Javascript writing/editing tool using ACE editor and the Minify library

  • Contact Details

    Display your contact details with a simple shortcode!

  • Simple Author Highlighter

    Simple Author Highlighter is a wordpress plugin that allows you to easy highlight authors comments. More on our website http://www.dakulov.eu

  • iSoftware Blocks

    This plugin lets you create your own reusable blocks of content.

  • Microsoft AJAX Translation

    A quick, simple, and light way for your readers to translate your blog by using the Microsoft Translator API.

  • HD Weather Widget by The Waypoint

    The Waypoint HD Weather Widget, HD weather, that changes with the outside conditions, over 49 Different "Feels"

Let us know if we missed any of your favorite global plugins.

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