11 Most Popular WordPress Google Drive Plugins

  • ManageWP Worker

    ManageWP is the ultimate WordPress productivity tool, allowing you to efficiently manage your websites.

  • Google for WordPress

    Plugin to integrate Google's products in WordPress as Google+, Calendar, Drive, Hangouts, Maps, Panoramio, Youtube & more.

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  • Google Drive for Wordpress

    Google drive for Wordpress plugin used to backup Wordpress files and DB with Google Drive.

  • Centrora Security™

    Protect your WordPress site with Centrora Security. Also recommended for multiple sites security management.

  • Google Drive WP Media

    WordPress Google Drive integration plugin. Google Drive on Wordpress Media Publishing. Upload files to Google Drive from WordPress blog.

  • Google Drive Media Library

    Mapping file from Google Drive into Wordpress Media.

  • CleanPrint

    CleanPrint - Eco-friendly content output to print, PDF, email, Kindle, Box, Google Drive and Dropbox

  • iRemoteWP Backup & Multiple WordPress Control Plugin

    iRemoteWP plugin allows you to easily and remotely manage & backup all your WordPress based sites from one dashboard on iremotewp.com.

  • CloudWok File-Upload

    File-upload plugin to let visitors of your site upload files into your Dropbox, Google Drive, Amazon S3, Box.com, etc.

  • CleanSave

    CleanSave - Save web page content to your Kindle, Box, Google Drive, Dropbox, Google Cloud Print, print, PDF, text and email

  • Uploadcare: Add media from anywhere

    Uploadcare provides media uploading, processing and CDN for your blog. You can upload even very large images and crop them.

Let us know if there are any of your favorite google drive plugins missing from our list.

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